The story telling team is a group that provides digital programming that encourages the indy youth to get creative with their voice. Their initiative is to provide the youth with a creative platform where they can showcase their storytelling abilities and use an artistic medium to display their stance on issues they are passionate about. The storytelling team is currently teaming up with the advocacy team to create a campaign that encourages kids to vote. Our members involved in storytelling have created hashtags to utilize on our social media platforms for the indy youth to share alongside the stories of why they need the youth to vote. Our staff leader for the Storytelling group, Kate Roelecke , is also working with our student members to create digital storyboards to share the stories that have impacted them and their community. Currently the first phase of these workshops are only for our student members, but they are going to be available for the indy youth soon.  


The future of the storytelling team includes taking on issues like mental health awareness and building narratives that encourage the destigmatization of mental health.

Our exhibit coming in 2021!