Community Outreach

Those in our Speak to Act team involved in community outreach have the initiative to work and build a relationship with our community. We do this through various different mediums , like our website and social media platforms where we interact with people looking to get involved in our programs! We also do our part in lifting up the exciting new opportunities of our advocacy and storytelling teams so everybody can see what amazing content our Speak to Act team is putting out there. The future of our community outreach team includes amplifying the voices of our indy youth and acting as a platform for our Speak to Act Student members to take a stance on issues they want to bring awareness to. Through our social media presence and digital output we intend to create a space where indy youth can not only find information, but find a platform for their voice to be heard.  You can help our Community outreach team by interacting with our social media and keeping up with our post. 

Stay tuned for opportunities!