Our advocacy team is dedicated to encouraging our indy youth to speak up and use their voice to take on issues they want to see changed in their community. Currently, our staff and student members are working together to build campaigns that address issues like voter outreach, and how to safely participate in the voting process during the covid 19 pandemic. The future of our advocacy team includes taking on other issues like social injustice, climate change, and education. The advocacy team is a group of people dedicated to seeing real policy change in Indiana and work to introduce advocacy techniques to others as well. We have big plans coming up such as advocacy training for young advocates and virtual classes on the legislation process. We also plan on building a space where elected leaders can interact with Indy youth and build relationships to bridge the gap between our young people and our policy makers. 


We intend to monitor the legislative process at a state level by holding our policy makers accountable for shaping an agenda that benefits our Indy youth. Other intentions of our advocacy team include advocating for youth empowerment on issues that disproportionately affect minorities. We want to build a space where kids can advocate for kids, and ensure that all decisions made by policy makers are rooted in equity.

Our issues for 2021 coming soon!